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Decopierre France and Decopierre USA at Chambord

With the same origin and the same founders, DECOPIERRE in Europe and STONECOAT in the USA evolved in parallel over time, each on their own ground with the same process, an identical business model and simultaneous growth. The time had come for Ken Morrison and Hervé Grumeau to link up and to work together to prepare their common future. It was at the symbolic site of Chambord castle that the new cornerstone of their cooperation was put in place. There is a natural symbiosis between the two cousin companies and that is why the first projects in common have already been launched …… Watch this space

Decoration, renovation of your house

The DECOPIERRE team offers you the creation of a unique ambiance, yours…

To be informed, to be inspired, to get advice and to be pleased, the DECOPIERRE team welcomes you in its showroom spaces everywhere in France. Come and discover freely the deco trends and ideas to renovate the walls of your house and to create "inside/outside" spaces of life. You will find it very difficult to choose in this universe!

The autumn winter 2010/2011 trends

The design, the ecology and the comfort take the pride of the place How to create innovative surroundings which are sources of well being with very decorative materials ?

Renovating the outer walls with first-class materials

The DECOPIERRE® wall coating is composed of lime (healthy and natural material), natural pigments and marble powder. The advantage of lime is that it enables cleansing the walls thanks to its high pH. On applying it destroys bacteria. The DECOPIERRE® wall coating adapts perfectly to the outside as well as to the inside due to its good resistance to climatic variations. By virtue of a unique process of application, it gives the natural stone look to your walls; it is carved with hand in the chosen style, contemporary, rustic, brick or regional stones walls

Redesigning your external space:

A garden, a court, a terrace, and any external space which can be designed are important places of life. Whatever the external space to be designed, DECOPIERRE® coating application is an original solution offering a positive quality/price ratio.

The decoration is completely evolved, rather revolutionary, but the details contribute to the final touch Feeling good in one's apartment or in one's house is about the flow of energies which surround us. How to revamp one's place of living and invent contemporary forms while playing with the contrast of the materials and the brightness of the colours?

DECOPIERRE offers a range of products especially adapted to the interior, under the brand "740 Art avenue": natural coatings available in 21 colours and numerous material effects to vary the styles infinitely.
Lisboa, whitewash which reinvents the charm of the old fashioned walls
Venezia, stucco of yesteryear to create a refined decor with a polished marble look
Manhatan, concrete effect, the star material of "trendy" walls